At Reynolds + Rowella we are often approached by current and prospective clients to conduct compensation benchmarking to determine a proper salary range for employees.

What is Compensation Benchmarking?

Compensation Benchmarking is the comparison of internal jobs to the market.  We take your job descriptions and match them to similar jobs found in multiple compensation surveys to identify the external worth or market rate.  In other words, you will know what other companies in your industry, geographic location and size category are paying their employees for similar jobs.  Along with the knowledge you have about the internal worth of your organization’s positions, the external market data will help you ensure you are paying your employees competitively.

Why is compensation benchmarking important as a “best practice”?

Establishing market rates for core positions within an organization is important for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, it guides pay decision-making including hiring, promotions, internal equity salary adjustments, and general compensation budget planning.  Because labor costs are the largest cost to any organization, a solid understanding of the external value of each position allows an organization to develop an approach for setting overall total rewards philosophy, or the level at which the organization will set salary levels.  The ability to balance the needs to attracting and retaining talent with fiscal responsibility of the organization is a key priority for executives. Compensation benchmarking provides business leaders the information needed to define the costs associated with salaries and other compensation components such as profit sharing or bonuses.

How we can help

Reynolds + Rowella has the expertise necessary to provide you with compensation services to ensure your positions are documented and benchmarked with the external market accurately.

Once you have the market data, we will also help you determine what to do with it.  This includes an employee analysis identifying which employees are below or above market and what it would cost to bring them to market.  We also give recommendations and guidance on next steps and how to effectively communicate changes to your employees.

A benchmarking and analysis done well can help you control costs, mitigate legal risks by providing structure to ensure internal equity and maintain market competitiveness, and enable your organization to attract, motivate, and retain talent.

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