Wascar Aquino

Senior Tax Associate

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Alice Bell

Senior Tax Associate

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Elizabeth Bresnan

Director, Marketing

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Amanda Bristol

CPA, Tax Manager

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Arlete Capao

Managed Accounting Services Manager

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Karla Catalan

Tax Associate

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Brittany Cerminara

CPA, Managed Accounting Services Associate

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Debbie Circelli

CPA, Manager

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Thomas DeMarco

Tax Associate

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Ben Ear

CPA, Tax Associate ll

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Donna Ferenz

Administrative Assistant

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Jennifer Glueck

Administrative Assistant

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James Grace

Tax Associate II

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Katie Hall

PHR, Director Human Resources

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Richard Han

EA, Tax Supervisor

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Stephanie Harris

Administrative Assistant

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Brian Hnatuk

Tax Associate II

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Wendy Knothe

CPA, Tax Manager

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Paula Lazara

Tax Associate

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Jackie Maiorano

Administrative Assistant

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Rebecca Maruthelil

CPA, Senior Tax Associate

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Tori Maxwell

EA, Tax Supervisor

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Carl McKenzie

Audit Supervisor

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Jarrett Meiers

Director, IT Services

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Matthew Michaels

IT System Administrator

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Eric Miller

CPA, Tax Manager

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Chris Montefiore

Audit Associate

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Melissa Olson

Managed Accounting Services Associate

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Rebecca Petrie

Senior Tax Associate

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Carol Rainone

Client Services AR Coordinator

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Vicki Rickert

CPA, Audit Director

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Diana Santos

Tax Supervisor

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Nicholas Santucci

Tax Associate

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Bernarda Sari

EA, Senior Tax Associate

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Betsy Schoenherr

Administrative Assistant

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Candy Schrull

EA, Tax Manager

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Lisa Silva

EA, Senior Tax Associate

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Jessica Strolin

EA, Tax Supervisor

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Miriam Tomasova

CPA, Tax Supervisor

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Ozzie Toraman

Senior Tax Associate

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Marie White

Tax Supervisor

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Andrew Willock

Senior Tax Associate

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Tony Wimperis

CPA, Tax Manager

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Ryan Wisniewski

CPA, Tax Manager

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Vicky Zhang

CPA, Tax Manager

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