The Reynolds + Rowella Family Office Solutions (FOS) Group provides an array of financial services to meet the complex and unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Our experienced team of CPAs delivers exceptional service to manage your personal financial picture and help you preserve your legacy.


Family Office Services

Discerning clients who desire professional management of their personal financial and business affairs put the Reynolds + Rowella FOS Group at the center of their financial picture. Since 1985, Reynolds + Rowella has delivered on our mission to provide outstanding quality efficiently and responsively. Our effective combination of experienced CPAs, our passion for personal service, and our IT acumen provide you with peace of mind.

Beyond providing essential accounting functions and advisory services, our FOS Group team works collaboratively with your other trusted advisors, including attorneys, investment advisors, bankers, and insurance brokers, to protect your best interests. You can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve built and trust Reynolds + Rowella with the management of your finances.

We have the expertise to manage your finances with a suite of services, including:

  • Personal financial reporting
  • Record keeping
  • Bill payment
  • Cash management
  • Household payroll administration
  • Household budgeting
  • Trust and estate matters
  • Real estate holdings
  • Operating companies
  • Charitable foundations
Family Office

Reynolds + Rowella Services

  • Tax planning Expertise

    Reynolds + Rowella has over 35 years of tax planning experience for family offices. We look at tax services as part of the bigger picture, because tax planning, compliance, and filing are just a few components in the successful management of your professional and personal financial profile.

  • estate planning

    Protecting your wealth across generations and preserving your legacy is complex and challenging. Our staff of trusted professionals possesses decades of experience developing effective, tax-optimized wealth transfer plans and strategies.

  • a turnkey solution

    We will evaluate your income, gifts, foundations, partnerships, trusts, corporations and/or estates to prepare comprehensive and money-saving tax returns. Our expertise developing your tax projections, record keeping, and audit representation will give you peace of mind.

  • real estate services

    Reynolds + Rowella can manage your properties and pay all of the bills on time for any or all of your properties.

  • financial Management

    Let us simplify your life by managing your day-to-day financial obligations. We can deliver monthly expense summaries and reports of net worth, cash flow, and consolidated investments. Reynolds + Rowella provides the support you need to make your day-to-day operations more efficient with our back-office services:

    • Individual and entity accounting
    • Cash management, including budgets and cash flow projections
    • Personal financial statements and specialized reporting
    • Personal and family entity accounting
    • Coordination of services needed for loans and financing
    • Personalized credit reporting
    • Debt and liquidity management
    • Mortgage support
    • Consolidated reporting and tracking of all investment asset accounts
    • Rental Property accounting
    • Tax reporting and compliance support
    • Tracking of company stocks/options
    • Management of investment-related capital calls
    • Document retention and management support

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The Reynolds + Rowella FOS Group works to ensure your directives are met, your legacy is protected, and your taxliabilities are mitigated within the parameters of evolving taxation rules and regulations.


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