Auditing Revenue Recognition

The top line of an income statement for a for-profit business is revenue (or sales). Reporting this line item correctly is critical to producing accurate READ MORE


Ask the CIO: What Is a Botnet?

You may hear the word ‘bot’ used in conversations, especially around cybersecurity.  But we often use it without knowing exactly what it means or how READ MORE

Take a Proactive Approach to Prevent Cyberattacks

The average cost of a data breach has risen to a record high, according to a new study by the independent research firm Ponemon Institute. READ MORE

Cybersecurity Alert: Humans Remain the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Alert: Humans Remain the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity Are you familiar with social engineering? It’s a criminal method of manipulating people, so they give READ MORE

In Cybersecurity, the Best Offense is a Good Defense

It’s fall, and for most of us, that means one thing: football season! Most Americans love sitting in front of the TV on Sunday to READ MORE

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is Here – October 2022

What’s the first thing you think about when you feel that first chilly breeze of Fall? Is it cozy sweaters? Is it football? Is it READ MORE

Ask the CIO: What is Zero Trust Access?

The term was first coined in 1994 by Stephan Paul Marsh at the University of Stirling as part of his doctoral thesis focused on trust. READ MORE


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