Why do businesses convert to S Corporations?

By Tony Wimperis Considering S Corporation status can bring substantial tax advantages, such as avoiding self-employment taxes and navigating pass-through taxation at federal and state READ MORE


Navigating Taxes in Special Needs Trusts: Key Considerations

By: Candy Schull, EA When planning for the financial security of a loved one with special needs, understanding the tax implications of a Special Needs READ MORE

Unlocking Wealth Potential: Leveraging Inflation’s Impact on Federal Gift and Estate Tax Breaks

Inflation is generally bad news. But a favorable side effect is more considerable annual inflation adjustments to federal tax breaks. Many federal tax parameters for the READ MORE

Converting a Home to a Rental Property: What are the Tax Implications?

If you’re planning to move out of your current home, you face a tough question: Should you sell your home, or would it be more beneficial READ MORE

Can You Swap Life Insurance for Long-Term Care Insurance?

Do you own a life insurance policy that’s no longer essential to your financial goals? You may have purchased a policy long ago when your READ MORE

New Tax Law Improves QCD Benefits

Seniors who must withdraw from their IRAs may benefit from a special tax provision for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). Briefly stated, this provision allows people in READ MORE

How to Swap Your Highly Appreciated Vacation Home Tax-Free

If you own a highly appreciated vacation home that you’re ready to unload, the sale will generate a significant gain — and a sizable tax READ MORE


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