Understanding New York State’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act

By: Ryan Wisniewski, CPA New York State has taken a significant stride in safeguarding the rights of freelance workers through the recent enactment of the READ MORE


The Crucial Role of Economic Nexus in Sales Tax Compliance for Online Sellers

By: Amanda Bristol, CPA Expanding your online business across multiple channels is a smart move in today’s digital era, but it also brings new challenges, READ MORE

Unlocking Success: The Power of Accurate Business Valuation

By: Tony Wimperis, CPA, CVA, MST In the dynamic world of business, every decision counts. Whether you’re gearing up to secure a small business loan, READ MORE

Your Payroll Roadmap: Addressing Common Questions

Handling payroll tax rules can be daunting, especially when your company brings in new hires or when existing employees’ personal situations change. As employers, we READ MORE

Master Your Tax Game with Updated W-4 Forms

Have you ever wondered why a seemingly simple form called the W-4 is such a big deal? Well, as you embark on your employment journey READ MORE

Tax Implications of Moving to a New State

By Anthony Wimperis, CPA, CVA, MST Moving to a new house is undoubtedly an exciting adventure, but it comes with its fair share of challenges, READ MORE

Unlocking Tax Savings: 5 Strategic Tips for Small Businesses

As year-end approaches, small business owners should review their tax situations to determine ways to lower federal income taxes for the current tax year and READ MORE


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