The most successful companies are not simply doing the same things more efficiently with IT Consulting + Cybersecurity; they are using technology to conduct business in entirely new ways. Let’s work together to use technology to run your Fairfield County, CT business better and keep you relevant in this changing world.


Reynolds + Rowella As Your IT Consulting + Cybersecurity Advisor

Manage disruptions effectively

If you needed to ramp up your Fairfield County, CT business suddenly and significantly, could you deliver?

Unexpected disruptions occur. Bringing in an outside resource is a great management approach for navigating the ebb and flow of supply and demand. It gives you the flexibility to manage unexpected changes that present both opportunities and risks for your company.

Receive objective expertise at the right time

Bringing in an outside expert when complex or time-sensitive IT issues arise ensures that problems are addressed and thoroughly resolved. An objective third party’s perspective can verify that no mistakes have been made in a critical process.

Engaging Reynolds + Rowella as a short-term resource is an efficient way to tap the expert knowledge your Fairfield County, CT business needs at just the right time and for as long as required.

Prepare for your future growth

It is difficult to predict future growth and where it may come from. Engaging us as your IT and cybersecurity advisor will help guide you confidently make business decisions that point you in the right direction.

As your advisors, Reynolds + Rowella fills several critical internal roles throughout the lifecycle of your business in Fairfield County, CT. We can also help you prepare your business for a merger, an acquisition, or a sale.

What To Expect When You Work With Us In Fairfield County, CT

We deliver our IT Consulting + Cybersecurity solutions with a three-phase process.


First, we conduct a high-level analysis to contrast your existing IT environment with the needs and direction of your business. This information allows us to review existing IT plans under consideration, educate you on pros and cons, and develop improvement projects.

Strategic Roadmap

Using the results from the Assessment, we work with you to develop a formal plan that incorporates IT which are linked to your business goals and best practices.

Project & Leadership Support

Using the Roadmap as a guide, we assist you with implementation of certain projects. We can also act as a liaison between your organization and outside service providers to ensure you get the results expect and need.

IT Cybersecurity
Risk ManagementDon't let your organization become the next victim of hackers lurking in the web.Reynolds + Rowella offers ongoing protection through four types of services. CYBER RISK ASSESSMENTWe review, determine, and communicate the risks of cyberattacks and the potential impact on your business. CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS TRAININGOur employee awareness training enhances prevention of security threats to your business. DARK WEB SCANNING & PHISHING TESTSOur dual protection threat deterrents monitor for hackers and security breaches and conduct tests to prevent email threats. CYBERSECURITY POLICIES & RESPONSE PLANSWe help you develop information and security policies to mitigate risks and accelerate business recovery.

Operational Technology


  • Software Selection

    Reynolds + Rowella can recommend and guide your selection of the right software critical to the success of your projects. Whether you are looking for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Human Resources (HR), Payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or other types of software, we will assist you with the evaluation and selection process to assure the success of your project.

  • Process Automation

    Eliminate ineffective and redundant processes and outdated or inefficient software. We can help you reimagine your workflow and leverage the possibilities of new technology to increase efficiency

  • Business Intelligence

    Use data to make better, more informed decisions. Let us help design and support your analytics program to leverage dashboards, Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, and data warehousing to give your business insights that power new growth strategies.

  • Remote Work Readiness

    Hybrid and remote work is here to stay. We can help you implement secure remote access and communication solutions to keep remote employees productive, fully supported, and safe.

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We can help you develop new technology-driven approaches to your Fairfield County business processes. These will help you understand to get more out of your IT and Cybersecurity services and protect yourself from unexpected business interruptions and security breaches. Let Reynolds + Rowella show you what a difference an independent technology advisor can make.


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