Auditing Revenue Recognition

The top line of an income statement for a for-profit business is revenue (or sales). Reporting this line item correctly is critical to producing accurate READ MORE


Unlock the Benefits of a 0% Tax Rate on Capital Gains and Dividends

Unlock the Benefits of a 0% Tax Rate on Capital Gains and Dividends Are you aware that you could potentially pay no federal income tax READ MORE

Why it’s important to get your company’s financials done on time

Have you completed your company’s year-end financial statements yet? Most calendar-year entities issue their year-end financials by March of the following year. Lenders and investors READ MORE

Updated Guidance on Business Vehicle Depreciation

Recent changes in tax legislation have expanded the possibilities for deducting depreciation on vehicles used for business, yet the rules continue to be complex. Moreover, READ MORE

Optimizing Inventory Management Systems

If your business has significant inventory on its balance sheet, it can be costly. The carrying costs of inventory include warehousing, salaries, insurance, taxes, and READ MORE

Understanding the New Emergency Savings Accounts for Retirement Plans

Beginning in 2024, the SECURE 2.0 Act enables employers to offer non-highly compensated employees the opportunity to contribute to emergency savings accounts linked to their READ MORE

New Federal Overtime Rule: Insights from Reynolds + Rowella

The American workforce is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of the new federal overtime rule. Let’s delve into the key changes and how READ MORE


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