Does Your Business Need a Temporary CFO?

Does your company need a chief financial officer but can’t afford to hire one full-time? Or does it simply need someone to help position your READ MORE


New Tax Law Improves QCD Benefits

Seniors who must withdraw from their IRAs may benefit from a special tax provision for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs). Briefly stated, this provision allows people in READ MORE

Casualty Losses: How to Claim Deductions and Avoid Pitfalls

Every year, the United States experiences natural and manmade disasters, ranging from hurricanes and earthquakes to wildfires and electrical grid failure. If you’re unlucky enough READ MORE

The Tax-Deductible Mileage Rate for Business Driving Increases for 2023

The IRS has announced the 2023 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating a vehicle for business, charitable, medical, or READ MORE

What Business Owners Should Know About Financial Forecasting

Is your business ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2023? Financial statements show how a company has performed in the past. But READ MORE

4 Tax Breaks for Home Improvements

Are you contemplating some significant improvements to your home? Whether adding a pool to assist with a medical condition, finishing a basement, or installing energy-saving READ MORE

How to Swap Your Highly Appreciated Vacation Home Tax-Free

If you own a highly appreciated vacation home that you’re ready to unload, the sale will generate a significant gain — and a sizable tax READ MORE


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