Reynolds & Rowella, LLP has proudly been driving its paperless office efforts forward since 2006.

Reynolds & Rowella, LLP’s paperless office refers to the concept of a workplace in which all work-related documents are saved digitally, without hard copies.

This work-flow process allows Reynolds & Rowella, LLP to provide improved client service, efficiency, and promotes environmental responsibility.

Our paperless office delivers some of the following benefits:

  • Reynolds & Rowella LLP’s client portal permits the secure electronic two-way transfer and storage of client tax and financial information between the Firm and client.
  • Client records may be retrieved immediately allowing client questions to be answered faster and enhancing the client’s satisfaction with the Firm.
  • Documents can be stored on a secured server accessible only by authorized personnel.
  • Electronic storage of files permits the Firm’s professional staff to have access to client information when outside the office.

If you would like to gain access to our customer portal please e-mail us at

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